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A top notch creative agency focused on design development, digital marketing campaigns, and branding. Luckily for us (and you), visual communications is our thing. Part art, part psychology, our design work helps execute against your strategic communication goals while enlivening and emboldening your brand.

We are Kelli & Co. 

No matter what your graphic and editorial standards may be, the team at Kelli & Company can seamlessly integrate new design into existing parameters, as well as offer a fresh take to be sure your image never gets stuck in a rut.

Chief Creative Officer, Mom of 2, avid CrossFitter

The first thing you’ll notice about Kelli, is that she’s a straight-shooter. She asks. She listens. She digs deep into what you want, dissects what you need, and delivers what works. Kelli is fearless in her creative direction, yet discerning about symmetry, scale and visual harmony. Bring her your challenges and watch her team wow you with show-stopping solutions you’ll wish you’d have thought of yourself.


Before she founded her own agency, Kelli amassed impressive and diverse design experience on both the east and west coasts, working with companies ranging from major television networks such as FX, BBC America, EPIX and LIFETIME, to motorcycle customization companies to cosmetics manufacturers. Logos, websites, outdoor, collateral and everything in between, Kelli and her team supply the creative fuel to propel any brand’s message forward.


She doesn’t do it for the glory, but recognition is always appreciated. Kelli is especially proud of her work on Emmy®, Golden Globe® and Promax Gold-winning campaigns, and was honored by her alma mater for her impressive professional achievements. Kelli is a tried-and-true creative soul who believes in maintaining a healthy life balance. When she’s not taking care of current clients like WE tv, AMC, AMC+, A+E, and others, she’s likely to be crushing a Crossfit class or having an adventure with her two little ones. Otherwise, you may find her entertaining friends or charming her husband into green-lighting a home renovation of something--anything!-- until it’s truly magazine-worthy.

Creative Director, #1 Dad, BBQ Grill Master

Mike’s the guy who can extoll the virtues of classic video games in one breath and then explain with precision how to sous-vide a ribeye in the next. (No, really, ask him about the steak.) They broke the mold with this one.


Not only is he a humble, yet hilarious, conversationalist, but Mike has discovered the secret of success: follow your interests wherever they lead. That philosophy sums up his approach to client work, too. Mike believes every project has its own life, its own rhythm and its own challenges to solve. Given proper attention, each design job can result in a visually engaging, unique execution where form doesn’t follow, but instead aligns with, function. Mike’s approach has served him well as he’s worked with some heavy hitters such as Toyota, Showtime, Fox, AMC, ESPN and Johnson & Johnson.


Composition, symmetry, color usage and typography are all important ingredients in good design. But the secret sauce is the intuition of the artist.  Good art directors are technically proficient. The great ones sprinkle in an emotional intelligence that forges a solid connection with a client, and by proxy, their audience. That’s Mike’s superpower.

His work wins awards--like the Gold in Mobile Rich Media for Showtime’s Ray Donovan NYT iPad App Takeover, and the Best Mobile Branding award for the Polo Ralph Lauren Magalogue iPad ad execution. And his approach wins him work from happy, repeat clients who trust him with their brand. Be warned:
ten minutes with Mike will make you want to up your game in every possible way.

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